Professor Ian Lilley (BA Hons, MA Qld, PhD ANU) is an academic leader whose teaching, research and applied interests focus on archaeology and cultural heritage in Australasia, the Indo-Pacific and globally.

Ian is an archaeologist and Professor in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (ATSIS). He also has a continuing visiting appointment as Willem Willems Chair in Contemporary Issues in Archaeological Heritage Management at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

His Honours and Master's research examined the archaeology of South East Queensland. Following ground-breaking work in PNG with the Australian Museum, Ian then did his PhD on ancient maritime trading systems which linked the New Guinea mainland and nearby Bismarck Archipelago.

He built on that project with a UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship, for which he won National Geographic funding to return to New Guinea. He has since undertaken archaeological and cultural heritage research, consultancies and advisory missions throughout Australia, in Asia and the Pacific Islands and in North and South America.

Ian's current heritage research focuses on global issues regarding World Heritage, the World Bank and transnational corporations in the extractive industries sector, particularly in relation to Indigenous people. Archaeologically he is working with French colleagues on long-term developments in New Caledonia. He also manages other projects concerning Indigenous heritage and issues in higher education of concern to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.