Goorie Berrimpa Student Collective

For those new to UQ, Goorie Berrimpa welcomes you! Goorie Berrimpa is the Indigenous Student Collective for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UQ, and our name translates into 'meeting place'.

Goorie Berrimpa is an inclusive on campus community that is made up of six student executives who organise social, sporting and professional events for all Indigenous students at UQ. There are close to 40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students currently involved in a range of on and off-campus events organised by Goorie Berrimpa.

We're hoping to have lots of events this year that will not only link you to other Indigenous students, but also help non-Indigenous staff and students gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the amazing Australian Indigenous culture and history we represent.

Almost all of our events are free for Indigenous students to attend. This is possible due to the generous financial support of the UQ Union and the ATSIS Unit, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

We are always keen to have any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are interested in being a part of Goorie to come along to meetings and pitch ideas for events or offer to help organise upcoming activities.

If you'd like to receive updates on our events and get to know the UQ Indigenous mob come and join us on our Goorie Berrimpa Facebook.

One Mob by Lucas Schober

‘One Mob’, is a piece which depicts the coming together of all Indigenous peoples. The central meeting place represents our community, surrounded by totems and food sources (the goanna and the dugong) which symbolise both mainland Aboriginal peoples and the seafaring population of the Torres Strait Islands. On either side of the piece, waves of dots gather, representing people, all congregating towards the centre meeting circle, which in our case, represents our University. The encompassing form of the two animals unify the artwork creating a balance between both Torres Strait and Aboriginal nations. The artwork serves as a welcome to all people of all backgrounds and beliefs uniting us all as one mob.