Originally from Cairns, Far North Queensland Condy Canuto is a graduate of the Indigenous Health Program, The University of Queensland and is of Torres Strait Islander decent.

He has completed an Honours degree with the Indigenous Health Program (UQ), and has a Masters of Applied Epidemiology that he completed through the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health in Canberra.

Condy worked with Queensland Health as a health worker in the Hearing Health Unit for 9 years and worked both for the Indigenous Health Program and Centre for Indigenous Health, The University of Queensland as a lecturer. He has worked for a number of years with the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) as a researcher in sexual health.

He has been involved with a number of research projects including an analysis of the perinatal data set for Indigenous infants in Queensland, injury prevention in an Indigenous community, an evaluation of an hepatitis A surveillance system and in the area of SIDS (looking at quality and completeness of SIDS autopsy data).

Condy is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit and is undertaking his PhD.