UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at UQ brings together Indigenous and health expertise across the university, and works collaboratively with Indigenous community organisations and health providers, on improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

The UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health harnesses experts from across The University of Queensland and community health organisations.

Though we work broadly across The University our UQ core partners are the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, together with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and Mater Health Services. 

    The Poche Centre works in collaboration with partners to develop translational research that improves service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban areas.

    With a major focus on prevention and education, the Centre is focused on improving urban Indigenous health outcomes across the life course in three core themes:

    • Maternal and child health (Mum and Bubs);
    • Young people and adolescents (Healthy Transition to Adulthood);
    • Adults and older people (Healthy Living, Healthy Ageing).

    The Centre is committed to developing a skilled and available workfroce, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to respond to the challenges in urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, through:

    • supporting Indigenous people in raising aspirations and creating pathways into a career in health
    • training UQ health students for careers in Indigenous health. 

    Under this mandate, the UQ Poche Centre offers a generous scholarship opportunity to support Indigenous students to undertake a research degree (Masters by Research, MPhil or PhD) targeted at improving health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 


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    Potential by Sid Domic
    Potential (2015) by Sid Domic
    The plant doesn’t reach its full potential until it flowers; a symbol of its expression and growth. In the image, the U shapes represent the UQ community (staff, students, Indigenous community, our partners). From the UQ community comes their individual growth, directed towards the centre circle, which represents a focal point of all this knowledge and energy. This creates the flower, which is symbolic of our potential as a community working together.