The ATSIS Unit is situated on Level 2, Bookshop Building (4) and offers a student community area, in addition to the staff office space.

Student study areas

The ATSIS Unit is committed to Indigenous education and we welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to the space. Our aim is to provide encouragement and support to students and to foster a safe and culturally-embracing environment for all.

The student area consists of a communal kitchen and a number of computers for students use in the lounge area. Students are encouraged to socialise, relax in and use the lounge area as a casual study space. Students also have access to computers in two quiet study rooms, situated adjacent to the main communal study area.

After-hours access

As part of improving the student experience, the ATSIS Unit has made provisions for enrolled students who identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person to have after-hours access to the student community area and quiet study rooms. Other areas of the ATSIS Unit such as the meeting rooms and staff offices will not be available for after-hours access.

For students and tutors participating in the Indigenous Tutoring and Retention (ITAS) Scheme, please note that tuition is not to be provided in the after-hours space without prior approval. We encourage ITAR tutors to source suitable tuition spaces in the UQ Library or other areas of campus.

Benefits of the student community area, after-hours access:

  • Secure and safe environment that supports and promotes quiet study
  • Access to printing and electronic resources
  • Access to PCs
  • Access to a communal kitchen.

Conditions of use – after-hours access

Access to and use of the student community area in the ATSIS Unit between the hours of 5pm and 8am is a privilege extended to students who meet the following conditions for eligibility:

  • Actively enrolled in a UQ program 
  • Must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who has registered their details (student ID) with the designated ATSIS Unit staff member
  • Have been granted formal student ID swipe access for after-hours use
  • Must intend to use the space for the purpose of quiet independent study.

The following principles guide access to the after-hours (5pm to 8am) student community area:

Students using the area will:

  • Have registered their name and student ID for after-hours access.
  • Use their student ID for personal access only. Access is non-transferrable and approved students must refrain from allowing others access to the space with their student ID card
  • Have their student ID on them at all times
  • Treat each other with respect and consideration at all times
  • Respect private and ATSIS Unit property
  • Ensure a safe environment for others
  • Comply with the University of Queensland Student Charter and
  • Be aware of the Student Integrity and Misconduct Policy.

Important: Students who have not registered for after-house use of the student community area are required to vacate the buliding at 5pm weekdays. Failing to do so may result in an authorised staff member kindly requesting an exit from the building and registering for after-house use.