Update on use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags

28 January 2022

UQ staff and students may have heard the Australian Government has secured the copyright license for the Aboriginal Flag, following negotiations with Luritja artist and land rights activist Harold Thomas.

Use of the Aboriginal flag will now follow the same protocols as the Australian National Flag, where its use is free, but it must be treated with respect and dignity.

The Aboriginal flag can now be used on UQ websites and social media sites where appropriate.

The flag may not be inserted in email signatures. For staff who wish to acknowledge Traditional Owners in their email signature you may do so in text, and the signature block template on the UQ DAM illustrates how to do so. Please ensure if you are acknowledging Traditional Owners that the name of the peoples, and spelling is correct.   

There are also email signature banners which feature the UQ RAP artwork available for download.

Permission to use the Torres Strait Islander flag must still be obtained in writing by approaching the Torres Strait Island Regional Council, subject to the following conditions:

  • where appropriate, recognition is given to the original designer, the late Mr Bernard Namok
  • original PMS colours are used
  • permission must be received in writing from us, prior to its use.

For any specific queries, please contact brand@uq.edu.au .