Calling on All Indigenous Staff

6 September 2021

Professor Tracey Bunda (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit) is leading a project to produce an open access online publication. This publication will be developed from contributions by Indigenous staff – professional and academic.

The working title of the publication is Evoking the Fryer Library Indigenous Collections (EFLIC). Artworks, photographs, objects, documentary materials and language recordings are held in the Indigenous Collections.

You would have the ability to choose an item in The Collections to respond to. And your response answers the question - what does the item evoke in you? Your contribution to the publication can be written (250 wds/1 page max.), or a negotiated non-written form of response.

If you are interested in being a part of this project and can’t wait to bust out the writer/videographer/artist in you, then, please let us know by writing - 

‘I am interested‘  to  .

Thank you.

Oversight Group for EFLIC - Tracey Bunda, Sandra Phillips, Simon Farley, Justine Cawley, Mia Strasek -Barker and Lia Yorkston.