The University of Queensland has proudly launched its new #UQRAP Network to ensure a culturally respectful workplace and study environment.

Membership is open to all staff and students!



Increased engagement and action by non-Indigenous staff and students in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is a key factor in the success of UQ’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2022.

Members of the #UQRAP Network will have opportunities to continue their cultural learning journey and engage with Reconciliation initiatives across UQ.

The Network activities include regular meetings to take action on reconciliation within our spheres of influence, continuing cultural education and being part of a vibrant Microsoft Teams – RAPN Community.

You can join as a RAP Friend, Partner or Agent – depending on your stage of engagement with reconciliation and capacity.

LINK HERE for images that can be used for promoting #UQRAP Network initiatives.

Our Reconciliation collection is based on the hero artwork which is titled A Guidance Through Time (by Quandamooka artists, Casey Coolwell and Kyra Mancktelow).

This first range of products in the collection feature the pattern within the Brisbane River which reflects the UQ value, Pursuit of excellence.

Within the pattern are tools used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to teach, gather, hunt and protect.

This collection has been produced by Indigenous supplier Geared Up Culcha, a proud Supply Nation Certified Supplier.

All profits from this collection will be donated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student scholarships and programs at UQ.